New Legislation

Boiler Plus from April 2018

Your installation will need one of four requirements

1) Smart controls

2) Flue recovery system

3) Load compensation

4) Weather compensation


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We install,repair and service all makes of boilers. We also install G3 unvented hot water systems

10 year warranty on the Eco Tec Plus    

7 year warranty on the Eco Tec Pro

When a Vaillant boiler protection kit is installed  (£155.00)

Domestic Gas Heating Engineers

Underfloor Heating Installed

If you don't like the look of radiators you can install this invisible heating source.

Unvented hot water installed

There's nothing like the luxury of high pressure hot water on demand for showers and fast filling baths.

We install all types of radiators

There are so many types of radiators to choose from nowadays, follow the link below to get started.